The purpose of this blog is to focus my mind and to instill a clear focus and to collect my thoughts trading the FTSE 100 index, to give me a type of progress reference point.

I started trading in July 2011 and in many respects outsourced my learning to tipping services. I started with a forex service called XXX and found the service pretty appalling. I did not renew after 6 months. Around the same time i subscribed to, which i found inspiring yet not quite my trading style. Recommend a read, as I still follow the blog.

I then came across FTSEDay via twitter last december which is a day trading site and i knew that this was much in line with my aspirations – I want to be able to trade consistently and without any up front trade calls. After following the market for numerous months, I knew I wanted to be able to stand on my own two feet.
2 big lessons FTSEDay has reiterrated and is gradually being taken on board is that I needed to treat trading as a business if i want to suceed and it really hit home how psychology is the core skill to learn in trading. I guess i can’t forget that i also narroewed my focus on one market, the FTSE as the core strategies have been used in this market for many years. The other markets do not behave exactly the same. So i too restricted my focus to the FTSE 100.

I have also attented MarkAustinTrading seminar and used his service for 6 months and ound it to be useful but unfortunately not suitable for me as i am unavailable at the market open at 8am each day.

Finally I subscribe to a daily email from FTSEDAYTRADER also, as it is a really low price for market insight.


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